22 June, 10:00, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Vasco Tenner (QMO): “Surface Plasmon Lasers”
Promotores: Prof.dr. E.R. Eliel & Prof.dr. M. van Exter

22 June, 15:30, GL C1
Cell Observatory Mini-Symposium

22 June, 17:00, Front garden
for all LION employees and their families
Registration before June 12

23 June, 17:00, Stadsschouwburg Leiden
Public Lecture
Andrei Linde (Stanford University): "Universe or Multiverse"
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27 June, 13:45, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Pravin Kumar (BSM-MoNOS): “Parkinson’s Protein α-Synuclein: Membrane Interactions and Fibril Structure”
Promotor: Prof.dr. E.J.J. Groenen, co-promotor: Dr. M. Huber

29 June, 13:00, Gorlaeus DM0.13
Dr. Jeppe Lauritsen (Aarhus University, Denmark): Atom-resolved Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Metal-Oxide and Metal-Sulfide Catalyst Nanostructures
Prof.dr. Katharina Al-Shamery (Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany): Titania

29 June, 16:00, GL - LUMY 04.28
Van Leeuwenhoek Lecture on BioScience
Alain Arneodo (Bordeaux): TBA
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29 June, 16:15, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Rik V. Mom (QMO-IP): “Imaging Complex Model Catalysts in Action. From Surface Science Towards Industrial Catalysis Using High-Pressure Scanning Tunneling Microscopy”.
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.W.M. Frenken, co-promotor: Dr. I.M.N. Groot

3 July, 11:00, Gorlaeus C07
Van Marum Colloquium
Professor Gil Alexandrowicz: Magnetically manipulated atomic and molecular beams - developing and applying new sensitive tools for studying the interaction of molecules with surfaces.
Host: Geert-Jan Kroes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4 July, 10:00, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Sara Carozza (BSM): “Two-Photon Luminescence of Gold Nanorods. Applications to Single-Particle Tracking and Spectroscopy”
Promotores: S.J.T. van Noort & Prof.dr. T. Schmidt

5 July, 15:00, Academy building, Rapenburg 73
Thesis Defense
Jelmer J.T. Wagenaar (QMO-IP): “Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy for Condensed Matter”
Promotor: T.H. Oosterkamp

14 Oct, 09:00, Pieterskerk
Open dag bachelors

10 Nov, 09:00, Gorlaeus / Huygens

24 Nov, 09:00, Gorlaeus / Huygens

 Past Agenda